CPU Overheating on a new build

Hi this is my first build ever the components are

01- Asus P8Z68-v Motherboard
02- Intell I5 2500K
03- 8 gigs of DDR3 Corsair CMX4GX3M1A1600C9
04- Seagate 500GB Barracuda Sata 6Gb/s
05- LG GH22NS70 SATA 22X
06- Seasonic X-560 ATX 12V 24PIN 560W

Well My problem is the CPU seems to be way over heated at start up.

This is most likely due to Me not removing the wires away from the fan properly when the cpu was started up.

As a result the fan did not spin and I had a fan error at startup
At first I was freaking out and I removed the fan from the processor and could see that the CPU was very hot.

Upon looking at the Fan I realized the wires were in the way of the fan so it couldnt spin. I fixed this and put the fan back on the cpu.

I then pushed the power button on the motherboard and I only got one beep. I went into the motherboard bio settings and the CPU temp said 99 degrees Celsius. After a few minutes of looking at the bios the motherboard shut everything down automatically.

My questions are as follows

01- Should I go buy thermal paste and apply this to the cpu over top of the stock paste that was on the stock intell fan?

02- Should the CPU be Cooling down faster than what the mother board shows? The temp was not even changing and the fan was running at about 1800 rmp.

03-Should I just wait awhile for it to cool down?

04- If the CPU gets to hot is that a safety feature of it shutting off?

Thanks for the help
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  1. If you have removed the HSF (heatsink/fan) then you need to reapply the thermal paste. There is a safety feature that will off the processor if it reaches pre set temperautes. In most cases there is 2. One in the bios and then a hardwired one built into the processor. You want to wait till the processor is cool before trying to apply any new thermal paste.

    For most heating issues on a new build you are going to find that you hadnt seated the HSF correctly. If you can reach down pull straight up any of the for twists then that one isnt fixed in place and you are going experience some heating issues.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Okay thank you I'll go buy some thermal paste and rubbing alchol to take the old stuff off.

    And ill make sure the HSF is seated correctly. I might not of done that right.
  3. Quick update

    I installed the HSF properly and put thermal compound on both the processor and the HSF.

    I put a very thin layer on.

    I've let the system run for 20 minutes just ideling at the bio screen and the temperature hovers around 64 degrees Celsius.

    My questions are:

    01- Is this normal?

    02- Should I immediately buy a better cooler?

    03- Should I have put more thermal paste on?
  4. 1. no

    2. try reseating the heatsink again. You may have to remove and reapply paste. Try to make sure the heatsink is properly in place. Look up videos on youtube first before you attempt this. If reseating the HSF doesn't help you need to claim warranty on your CPU or get a better cooler.

    3. No. don't add more than a thin layer
  5. I've been reading that some people are getting 60-70 degrees celcius on the stock cooler.

    The temperatures are taken from the bio screen and they say its under load?
    Why is the computer under load at the bio screen?

    If this is normal than should I just get a better cooler?

    If I have to RMA do I just mail it back to Tigerdirect?

    Also what would be a good heatsink for the LGA 1155 motherboard.

    I have a full tower NZXT Phantom Case
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