Smoke coming from molex cable, mobo won't boot.

Today I started on my first build. I installed an amd phenom processor and after market heatsink onto an asus m4a88t-v motherboard. I was able to boot it up outside the case with the ram, cpu, and gpu hooked up. After that I plugged 4 of the case fans onto 1 of the molex to 4 pin fan header cable provided by my psu. The cable has 4 molex plugs located across its length, so I figured it would be ok. After I had everything installed, I powered on, it would start up, then turn, so I took everything part and was able to get it to boot again with just the cpu, cpu fan, ram, and gpu. As soon as I plugged the case fans back in and turned it on though, smoke started coming from the molex cable, and I quickly unplugged the power cable. The cable didn't look too damaged beyond the rubber looking a bit melted, and I didn't feel any heat coming from the cpu. But now the motherboard won't boot, and I'm afraid I may of fried it. If anyone knows what exactly the problem could of been, and any details and what the damage is, I'd really appreciate it. Also any tips on maybe how to fix it or things to try to get it to boot would be great. Thanks.
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  2. Todays lesson is:
    You dont daisychain fans on a mobo connection, only on molex plugs,
    I'm no expert but I reckon your Mobo is definately not at its best right now
    and I wouldn't be surprised to find its dead,
    no fixing, no workarounds, its a lesson hard learnt I think
    and yes, as Puttsy said, rma may be an option,
  3. RMA the motherboard. That is BAD practice but may be your only hope. I NEVER use more than 1 fan per 1 mobo SYS_FAN plug. Those are made for case fans, Front, Rear, CPU. 3 fans... Occasionally a board has more, it is fine to use them up but splitting off of the motherboard is a bad idea, whther it works or not. You will, likely have VERY poor performance as your board is NOT a power supply there to divy up power to fans, it is there to...well, should be obvious. I have plenty of adapters and products in general that "came with _____", That doesn't mean it's a good idea to use them. Common sense. This is your first build so chock it up as a lesson learned but, in the future, splitters on pretty much anything in your PC is not good. 1 molex to 2 sata, they work but I made darn sure I bought a PSU that would have enough plugs for all my rigs components AND that it was powerful enough to actually USE all the plugs on it. Good luck, sorry for the mishaps. We have all messed around with power in are computers, most of us have just been lucky NOT to kill anything too important though.
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