1GB or 512MB GT 240?

I want to take advantage of Newegg's rebates for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240, but I'm having a hard time deciding. There's a 1GB EVGA GeForce GT 240, and a 512MB XFX GeForce GT 240. Is there any difference between a 512 MB and a 1GB video card? I'm not an extreme gamer, but I usually play bad company 2. Would this be ideal for this purpose, or should I look for something else? Here's the links:

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    If both are GDDR5 then go for it that being the 1gb. If the 1gb is only GDDR3 then go for the GDDR5 card. Why is simple 1gb isn't going to help much when it is only have the physical bandwidth thus lower performance despite the space advantage. Complicated?
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