Looking for advice/feedback about ordering a custom built gaminf PC

I'm trying to build a budget gaming PC. Not looking to play Crysis 2 on max settings... but I'd like to be able to play most of the newer PC games with acceptable framerates. I included the specs for the computer I setup via AVAdirect. Wondering how it looks. Do i need to choose a CPU cooler and a thermal compund? By default these upgrades were not selected. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tower Cases:
ROSEWILL, R5604-TBK Black Mid-Tower Case, ATX, 500W PSU, Steel

Power Supplies:
HEC, Orion HP 858D 585W Power Supply, 24-pin ATX, ATX12V, Dual 80mm Fans, OEM

Socket 1155 Intel H67 Chipset Desktop Motherboards:
GIGABYTE, GA-H67A-UD3H-B3, LGA1155, Intel H67, DDR3-1333 16 GB /4, PCIe x16 CF /2, SATA 3Gb/s RAID 5 /3, 6Gb/s /2, VGA+DVI+HDMI+DP, USB 3.0 /2, HDA, GbLAN, FW /3, ATX, Retail

Socket 1155 Core i3 Desktop Processors:
INTEL, Core i5-2500 Quad-Core 3.3 Ghz, HD Graphics 2000, LGA 1155, 6MB L3 Cache, 32nm, 95W, EM64T EIST TB VT-d VT-x XS, Retail

CPU Coolers:
No CPU Cooling Fan Upgrade

Thermal Compound:

DDR3-1066 Non-ECC DIMM Memory:
Kingston 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) ValueRAM PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 MHz CL9 (9-9-9) 1.5V SDRAM DIMM, Non-ECC

PCI Express x16 Video Cards:
XFX, Radeon HD 6850 Display Port 775 MHz, 1 GB GDDR5 4000MHz, PCIw x16 Crossfire, 2x DVI+HDMI+DP, Retail

SATA Hard Drives:
WESTERN DIGITAL, 1TB WD Caviar Blue (WD10EALX), SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM, 32 MB cache, OEM

DVD Burner Drives:
SAMSUNG, Super-WriteMaster SH-S223C Black 22x DVD+R/RW Dual-Layer Burner, SATA, w/o Software, OEM
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  2. Don't take this the wrong way... I'm just going to list things I see as I go down through your list. :D

    1 - Get a better power supply, from a brand name company like Antec, Corsair, XFX, maybe OCZ, or Seasonic. Nothing else will matter when your cheap PSU blows out and takes everything else with it.

    2 - Maybe consider a little faster RAM, although it's not all that critical, and fairly close to the bottom of the list in terms of importance right now.

    3 - The video card is underpowered for an i5-2500. I'd recommend either dropping down the CPU, or getting an HD 69xx or similar to take advantage of the rest of your hardware.

    4 - Good choice of HDD. I've got one and it hasn't given me any problems at all so far.

    5 - You say the case you picked out has a PSU included, 500w. Get one without a PSU. Simply put, they're junk.
  3. All i can say is... thanks for the feedback! I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. Faster RAM? Do you have any suggestions. I'm not really sure how quality stacks up vs. quantity. And what about the CPU cooling and thermal compound. Are those essential or will the case and PSU come with enough fans to cool the PC. Thanks again for the feedback.
  4. Not a problem. :) Now I can elaborate on it a little.

    Hmm... RAM. I just went over to AVADirect and took a look, and all that you'd really need would be to opt for the HyperX model, which is only around $5 more. It's just a little more robust than their basic ValueRam model.

    As for quality vs quantity, they really go hand-in-hand. Cheap PSU manufacturers rate their PSUs at the very upper limit of what they can handle. Sometimes they can't even be pushed that far. When you go with a good brand name, though, they often underrate their PSUs, meaning that even if you buy a 500w unit, it can probably handle 550-600. Now, that's just an example, but it just goes to show the quality difference. Don't take that as a recommendation to get a lower rated PSU, though. :heink:
    As for a recommendation, It depends on what else you're going to be putting in this PC.

    CPU cooling. If you're sure you won't be overclocking, than the stock heatsink that is included should be fine. If you want more security or the ability to overclock, then you'll need an upgraded heatsink. Keep in mind, though, that the i5-2500 isn't overclockable. You'll need an i5-2500K (note the "K") if you want to do so, which will push your budget up even further.

    The case is going to be the same way. If you're not overclocking at all, whatever comes with the case should be fine. If you want to do any overclocking, though, I'd have to look through their selection and find a case that has better than average airflow to help keep temperatures down.

    Can you give me a budget? I could find the best possible build for your needs if you can just pull together a price range and what you'll be using this computer for. :)
  5. My budget is $1000. I'll be using the computer primarily for gaming. Looking forward to alot of the new realeases; Guild wars 2, Diablo 3, etc... I also do alot of streaming of videos and things online, so I'd like a computer that can multitask. Always frustrating when alt tabbing means a 30 second wait to load my desktop. Pretty much I'm trying to build the best gaming computer I can for $1000 or under. :) Thanks for all the help, keep it coming! :))
  6. You could check out my build guide for $1000 It'd play those games you want to play @ Max.

    Even the $600 build I have do just fine. Just change the i3 2100 to an i5 2400 and the 5850 to the 6870 and you'd have a solid build for about $700
  7. In that case, Azn's $1000 build should work for you, or there's the System Builder Marathon to look into.


    Both of those would be excellent options to consider.
  8. :) Thanks for da support Matt.

    Yeah the System builder's are good options too
  9. Not a problem. I'm actually a big fan of those builds you have there - it's always nice to see someone who actually takes a minute to explain component choices along with keeping it updated. Honestly, there's very little to nothing I'd change about what you've picked out.
    Anyway, back on topic. Figured I should get that out of the way... I feel like that little link is quite unappreciated around here on Tom's.

    I get the feeling you've never built your own PC before, Gurge. If I'm wrong, then sorry - if not, then here's a suggestion. Take a few hours before you build your PC and look at some of the guides that are posted here on Tom's, and on other sites like NewEgg.

    ^There's NewEgg's little crash course.

    ^What I personally read when I first started building my first PC.

    There are countless guides around the internet. Just do a little bit of reading and everything will become a lot clearer. Plus, you'll probably want to know this stuff even if you were to buy a prebuilt system from someone other than Dell or HP.
  10. Haha the link to my builds or the link to the System builders builds? (The Unappreciated thing)

    Yeah Newegg's Youtube guides are really good. They're pretty good at explaining how to put the build together. Matt's links are solid.
  11. Both, actually. Man, looking at all of these guides now is making me want to buy myself a new setup, too. The internet is like a never ending money vacuum...
  12. Haha
  13. Finally ordered the computer. Here are all the specs. Thanks again for all your help!
    THERMALTAKE, V4 Black Mid-Tower Case, ATX, No PSU, SECC

    CORSAIR, CMPSU-650TX TX Series Power Supply, 650W, 80 PLUS®, 24-pin ATX12V EPS12V, SLI Ready

    MSI, P67A-G43 (B3), LGA1155, Intel® P67, DDR3-2133 (O.C.) 32GB /4, PCIe x16 CF /2, SATA 3Gb/s RAID 5 /4, 6Gb/s /4, USB 3.0 /2, HDA, GbLAN, ATX, Retail

    INTEL, Core™ i5-2500K Quad-Core 3.3GHz, HD Graphics 3000, LGA1155, 6MB L3 Cache, 32nm, 95W, EM64T EIST TB VT-x XD, Retail

    CRUCIAL, 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz CL7 1.5V SDRAM DIMM, Non-ECC

    XFX, Radeon™ HD 6850 Display Port 775MHz, 1GB GDDR5 4000MHz, PCIe x16 CrossFire, 2x DVI+HDMI+DP, Retail

    WESTERN DIGITAL, 1TB WD Caviar® Blue™ (WD10EALX), SATA 6 Gb/s, 7200 RPM, 32MB cache, OEM

    RAID, No RAID, Independent HDD Drives

    LG ELECTRONICS, GH22NS70B Black 22x DVD±R/RW Dual-Layer Burner, SATA, OEM w/o Software

    MICROSOFT, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition, OEM
  14. :P You should've gotten the Samsung F3 1TB, You also should've gotten the Antec 650EA which would've been cheaper.
  15. Oh well... either way, Caviar Blue drives have never given me any trouble, and I'm sure that Corsair won't either. Glad to hear you got your system ordered!
  16. True, I just hate how WD and Corsair overprice things, but people buy it because of their name. I like to give underdogs the win, IE not everyone knows bout the F3, or Antecs awesome deals on the Egg.
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