E6750 running at 77C under load!! Help!!

My computer started turning off seemingly randomly. I reinstalled windows, no help. I then checked my temps since it seemed to happen based on load, and saw that while only running Minecraft and a Minecraft server, my tcase was at 80C! I immediately turned off my computer and decided to clean it out and rebuild it. I did this, and remounted the heatsink with fresh compound and everything. While running prime95 my tcase gets up to around 77C and my tjunction gets to around 68C. This is far higher than my computer used to run, even when I was overclocking (which I am not doing now). Any thoughts? Things to try? Am I wrong and is this temperature actually ok? I was measuring the temperature with Speedfan btw
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  1. make sure your case has adequate exhaust fans. what is the ambient room temp? you can get a coolermaster hyper tx3 HSF for like $25, i suggest you do that, its much better than the stock intel cooler.
  2. The ambient room temperature is probably around 75. I have one front side 120mm intake fan and two 120mm outtake fans by the cpu, one in the back and one on top. My case is a antec p160 or something. same set up as the p193, minus the side fan http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129176

    I just find it very odd that the computer was fine for almost 5 years and now suddenly is acting up in this way.
  3. Have you checked that all fans are operational and free of dust (particularly the CPU cooler). Perhaps the TIM has gone bad (some had rated lifespans) and a simple reseat of the CPU cooler will fix the problem.
  4. ^ yeah, re-seat the CPU with new thermal paste, that may be the issue.
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