Eyefinity question on multiple monitors

I'am putting together a 3 monitor set-up. just bought the card a 6950 2 gb have one asus 23" 2ms hd monitor was wondering if I bought 2 cheaper 21 or 22" 5ms hd monitors if it would blur or look like crap when playing. The big question is will it work Ok money is getting very tight.
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  1. It would be alright, you would just have a smaller screen on the other two monitors and things wouldn't align "exactly" right.

    Please make sure that you grab at least one active displayport adapter for one of your monitors. Doesn't matter which one. I don't want to see you back here in a few weeks with a "Have 3 monitors, one won't work, all connected, why?" post.
  2. There is not much difference between 2ms and 5ms.
  3. Ok thanks I was just making sure that the different rates would not make a big difference and thanks about the active adapter got to remember that I know I'am going to forget when i order.
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