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Hello! I need a graphics card to play WoW and Oblivion with, preferably maxed out with good fps if possible, both games are pretty old and easy to run :wahoo:, so I'm told. I currently have a super crappy Geforce 7600 GS. The thing is, I only have a budget of about USD $80 to spend on a PCI-e card. I'm not computer savy at all, so I can't pick for myself :/. I'm running Windows 7 32-bit, if that matters. My PSU has a peak wattage of 550w. I'd also really prefer to buy off Amazon if possible.

So what's my best choice for under $80? Thanks!
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  1. HD5670 - best deal for $80 us
    Tom's Choice in that price category in montly video card review
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