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Hello. I received all my components today and am in the process of building my computer. However, I picked up some GSKILL 16gig ram (4 sticks) and they have rather large heat spreaders - and when I install them all, it comes in contact with the hard drive. Is this going to cause problems? I believe it is just the heat spreader that it is touching (heatspreader touching the metal on the HDD). The case is rather small, and there is no where else for the HDD to go. I'm at a stand still here as I can't find any answer
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  1. Can you just take a small snapshot of the situation? It would be very helpful.
  2. thats an awfully strange case setup. It really shouldn't hurt anything if there is no pressure. personally I'd return them if possible though. big heatspreaders are just for show and have no place in a small case. and very few people need more than 8 gigs
  3. Yeah thats fine.
  4. Assuming you didn't have to force the HDD in there and that its only slightly touching the heatspreaders then the only real concern is vibration from the spinning HDD will be transferred to the ram/motherboard. It's not ideal, but it should work if there aren't any alternatives. If you have a spare 5.25" drive bay, you could use a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter for your HDD which would be the better solution if that is an option.
  5. From what I see, you have an old case and you're putting the HDD in the place of the Floppy Disk.

    Anyway, you can put a thin layer of a sponge or put wire ties on the heatspreads, though I don't think that there would be any static signals transferred.
  6. Is that space under the hard drive(right side of it in the pic)

    Rip jaws heatsinks are taller on the edges so if the drive was able to move to the right, it should clear the memory.

    If not, that is not even touching enough to worry to be honest.
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