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my motherboard is generic but, the onboard video doesn't work and the video card in the PCI slot won't show either.
PSU powers on fine all the fans and everything thats connected. the display doesn't say anything about no input signal so i know the video card is reading. anyone have any ideas? maybe dirty computer is the reason?
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  1. I use a canned air product to clean an old system. It's safer than touching anything, but some folks use a vacuum instead. You may also reset the bios by removing the board battery with the power supply unplugged for one minute, then reinstall before rebooting. Any recent changes or is this pc a gift or hand me down?
  2. onboard video wont turn on unless you pull the gpu. most mb when you put a gpu in it turns off onboard video. if you have another pc or laptop try the monitor on another pc. if you dont turn the power off on the pc and remove the ram. if the mb is posting you should be a cmos beep code failure for ram if you have a speaker.
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