Help with upgrading computer?

I plan on upgrading my PC. My current PC is an HP Pavilion Magnesium Gray Edition p6654y PC. I plan on upgrading the motherboard, CPU, and RAM with these:




Will my PC work fine if I replace these components? By this I mean will everything be compatible with each other?

P.S. I know that the Intel fans and heatsinks suck. I plan on getting a new one.
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    All those components are compatible but the I5 2500K will not overclock on a H61 board. Either drop down to a none K CPU or upgrade the motherboard to a P67 or Z68 chipset board!
  2. I highly doubt I will OC. If I do, what recommendations for another MoBo do you have?
  3. Z68 boards are what people are buying now. Anything with the features you need from Asus, Gigabyte , Asrock or MSI will do the job.
    If you are not overclocking you can drop down to the none K 2500 unless you are after the HD3000 integrated GPU.
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  5. If your operating system is OEM and you upgrade the mobo, I think you will need to get a new operating system. I think the operating system is linked to the mobo.
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