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Hello there !

I'm a happy owner of a SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatallty Pro, i use for Music and gaming my Logitech X-530 (i can't use the 5.1 properly since there is no way to put the hear speakers at proper position) and a JVC HA-RX700 Headphones.

But i'm growing tired of the Creative Software... so i want to upgrade. Also i'm Planning to get a Logitech Z623.

I'm a huge music fan and i do like to game with great sound.

Here goes my questions to you guys who knows about sound cards and such...

1 - Is it worth an upgrade or my recent card is decent enough ?

2 - If you think i do need an upgrade.. what card should i buy ? (150 USD +-)

3 - What's your take on my Headphones ? do you think a Sennheiser HD555 or something similar would be much better ?

Ty guys !
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  1. 1. No, I think your card is fine.

    3. Those head phones were said to be so so with may like these
  2. 1: Yes, you would benifit from an upgrade to a more modern soundcard. The ExtremeGamer is simply aged at this point.

    2: I'd upgrade to something such as the HT Omega Claro+ or Auzentech Meridian 2G. Maybe even a ASUS Xonar Xense or ASUS Essence ST/STX if you want to go overkill...

    3: Wasn't able to find much spec wise on your current headset via a quick google search, so I can't comment. The soundcard you decide to get/keep will play a factor on what headsets you should consider though [IE, if you get something with a built in amp, you'd want a headset that can benifit from it]
  3. Oh... its a shame i can't buy from Amazon hehe

    I'm from Brazil... there is no Amazon store here, and don't ship electronics to my country.

    I'll have to buy those items from Ebay.

    That being said the equipments you guys listed are both expensive or unavailable at Ebay.

    I found only the ASUS Essence STX for 160 USD +-

    Those headphones i could find also but at the same price as a Sennheiser HD555. Is it better ?


    would you explain a little more about the Sound card x Headphone thing ? I've never read nothing about that... i thought any headphone would go with any sound card if the connection possible.
  4. What About an ASUS Xonar DX ? and a Audio Technica AD700 for Headphones ?
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    would you explain a little more about the Sound card x Headphone thing ? I've never read nothing about that... i thought any headphone would go with any sound card if the connection possible.

    As an aside, this is exactly why I plan to post V1 of my audio guide sometime tomorrow...[yes, it exists]

    To make things simple: There are a certain class of headphones that normal outputs can not generate enough power to drive properly; those headphones require a headphone amp. In the eyes of some, when enough power is supplied, those headphones are superior to headphones that require less power. If you have one of those headsets, then you need a soundcard with an amp.

    As for the Sennheiser HD555, there are actually two models: One with an impedance of 50 Ohms [does not require a headphone amp], and one with an impedance of 120 Ohms [probably does require a headphone amp]. Both are good headsets, but make sure you know which one you are purchasing first.
  6. After some readings and searching i got an idea for what i might do and buy.

    I guess i'll stick with my JVC HA-RX700 (they are 3 months new , no point for changing them now) and with my SB X-Fi XtremeGAmer Fatality pro.

    What i'll buy will be the Logitech Z623 (so i can play either on the ps3 or the PC with a great soud system when noise is not a problem) and a Ear Force DSS 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor .

    I guess this will give me a great sound from all my devices... the Logitech Z623 will work great with my SB X-Fi, no doubt about that. My Headphones will gain a sound boost with this AMP. On top of that i'll be able to play my PS3 using the headphones i already have.

    What you guys think about that solution ? later on i can upgrade my Soundcard for something better.
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