Understanding DDR3 quad channel memory (for my asus p9x79 + 3990k)

I have ordered a Asus p9x79 pro and an intel 3930k.

I still haven't ordered my ram. I have read that the motherboard supports quad channel memory and I am confused about this.

Can I get *any* DDR3 ram and purchase 4 such same sticks, of the exact same specifications(speed + timing, basically 4 pieces of the same thing), and stick it in my motherboard, and would that work in quad channel configuration?


Do we have special rams for quad channel with special hardware features that need to be purchased for it to run in quad channel config?

I have zeroed in on purchasing 4sticks of Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz or Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz, both of which have a timing 9-9-9-24, and each stick being 4gb.
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  1. First option. What companies sometimes do is sell stuff like 2x2GB kits but they are no different than buying 2 separate sticks (given that they have the same specifications)
  2. Right. Thank you.

    Will order one of these sticks. I am getting a 4gb stick for ~$25. Will order 4 of these. Anything on the XMS3 vs Vengeance?

    * I can't get mushkin or gskill. The local dealers here don't have them in stock. Has to be a corsair
  3. Well, 4 sticks with the same model name may be different, if u are unlucky.

    There is a reason for the RAM kit.

    Even if the RAM is from one maker, not being in one kit,

    it could be made from different batches of the memory modules,

    while with the same specs, but from the different supplier,

    the non kit RAM is not exact 100% match.

    Even when the part number can suggest its all the same,

    the non-kit RAM could be made of different manufacturing components over time.

    We all know that motherboards are very sensitive to the RAM exact match,

    so while it can work in many cases, it wont work in all the mobos correctly.
  4. That is why it is better to go with one kit.
  5. What is the link to your local store?

    I'll take a look : )

    "Quad channel memory designed for LGA2011 Intel Core-i7 processors and X79 platforms.

    Intel XMP 1.3 ready."
  6. The store doesn't have a website unfortunately. Buy it from a local dealer and these aren't tech savvy even in the remotest possible way. Hell, they haven't even heard of g.skill or mushkin.

    Understand your point though. Will see if I can get a kit. If I can't, I think I'll see if I can get 4 sticks from a batch that was manufactured on the same day, and yeah, start praying.
  7. Fingers crossed for your RAM deal : ))

    Good luck!
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