Need Help!! Future proof.. AMD or INTEL?

I m planning to buy a PC. I want it to be future proof for like atleast 3-4 years. Pc will be a gaming one(not hardcore), and for home stuffs..but my priority is future proof and upgradable.
I have 2 options :
a) AMD x6 1100t Be phenom II or some x4 series like x4 970.
Sockets are Am3, so when i intend to upgrade to Bulldozer series which need Am3+.
Shud i buy a mobo Am3+ supported and buy any x4 or x6 processors for now & w8 for bulldozer.
P.S. : I dnt inted to buy any graphics card for now, so i need good inbuilt graphics mobo with am3+ socket.. At low cost..say by Rs 10000 INR .SUGGEST?
Or option B :
Buy Intel i5 2500k(which are LGA 1156 Socket) and w8 for i7 future models which need LGA 2011 Socket. Thus i need a 2011 compatible mobo for upgrading to series like i7 3820 (Lga 2011).. so suggest me which mobo should i buy? mobo shud have internal graphics, 2011 lga and 1156 compatible sockets.. But cost say Rs 10000 INR?
So for future proof AMD or Intel ? i5 2500k or x6 phenom II 1100T ? Reply asap, as i gotta buy soon :)
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  1. First of all, please look at new build thread :

    Second : I5 2500K is an LGA 1155 socket (not 1156).

    Third : You can either go 1155 OR AM3+ OR 2011. Not more than any one of them.

    So look at that thread, need budget and other details before we can make any suggestions, then come back to us.
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