HD5870 "driver stopped working"

Hey guys. I bought my HD5870 about three months ago, and came up with the problem GSOD. Isent it to RMA. I received another VGA and is now giving this error "driver stoppedworking". I've tried everything, and only happens in 2d, when I'm browsing multiple pages in the browser or when I'm simply moving on the desktop. I can spend hoursplaying or running a benchmark that does not happen this error. Some artifacts appearon the screen, the pc crashes and comes back with this message.
I've been reading that can be IDLE clock VGA too low, which in this 157mhz/320mhz, I tried to increase this value but it does not change. I am with the last catalyst 11.3

My pc configuration is:
Asus Crosshair Formula IV
Phenom x6 1090T
6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 (3x2gb) TR3X6G1600C8D
PSU Corsair AX750
XFX Radeon HD5870
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  1. Update your flash player and Java on your web browser.
  2. its everything updated already
  3. -Do you have a single display or multiple?
    -Are you overclocking at all or have any software that is used for overclocking running? Eg. MSI Afterburner, etc
    -Have you tried to roll back to an older driver?
  4. It's all default. No overclock
    Single display, and I tried older driver.
    The problem continues
  5. I have an HD4870 and it works perfectly
  6. It's a common problem, you can google the error and you'll find a million forums talking about it. The error also happens with Nvidia cards. There is no known fix.

    Google ATIKMDAG error.
  7. so I have to do another RMA and hope that does not come with a problem again?
  8. if my Ati HD4870 works normally, then the problem is the 5870 right?
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