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I'm going to buy a new computer in a couple of months, the one I'm getting comes with a 300watt psu and would like too upgrade the on board Intel HD Graphics 2000 and wanted to know what is the best graphics card that will work with a 300watt psu. I'm not a hard core gamer, I would like to be able to play the sims 2&3 and other games like imperial glory and the movies. Right now I have a celeron d 356 paired with an asus eah3450 and play the sims 2 and imperial glory with out lag.
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  1. ^ Agreed

    You always have the option of pulling the stock PSU and replace it. Just keep it in case you have to have warranty repair done on the PC or sell it. A 5670 or 6670 should be decent for the games you listed. Just remember the higher the resolution you are running the more graphical firepower you need.
  2. 5670 and 6670 take a 400w min
  3. That is just the manufactures recommended spec. In reality you system will consume much under this. Here are some charts with cards in an i7-920 system. This is total system usage. The 5670 uses 221W total system running FurMark. FurMark basically runs your GPU at 100%.

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