Intel Xeon Problems!

Hi all

I really need your input on this one. Just as soon as I think that I have got the hang of which Xeon is best for my needs (just need to be a good server to run multiple thread submissions and multi task) I wont name the software as I dont want to look like an affiliate! I just need some good old fashioned advice from experts. I thought I had a clue about this after extensive research but, I realise that I am back where I started!

The processor will handle data only. I am not interested in the extra graphic capabilities to run games, windows 7, after affects, etc.

I am looking at buying a second hand HP XW6000 but I am struggling to see witch Xeon is the best for my needs.

I have dual core, single core with HT, 2 processors with single core but with with HT, all being thrown at me

I just need to know what which Xeon is the best? from these ebay links:




Or are they all crap! and I am looking at the wrong system.

Is the HT on old system that will run slower?

Many thanks in advance guys. I really appreciate your advice. Derogatory or otherwise (hopefully the latter)

chat soon.

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  1. These are really old systems with processors that are using the Intel® Netbrust® microarchitecture (same as used on the Intel Pentium® 4). As to where you need to be in for a processor, the big question is, is the software you are planning to use multi-threaded and if so how many threads can it support? Also what is your budget?

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Hi Christian

    Thanks for your swift reply, Its appreciated.

    The software can apparently handle over 90 threads in 50 individual browsers! If this makes any sense mate.

    With regards to budget - I have about £300 - 350 max.

    I know its tight but, time are tight :S

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  3. BTW- If I would notice a considerable difference, I am sure I could ask the bank manager to stretch to £700.
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