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Memory not reporting whats installed

I've just recently installed 8MB of G.Skill DDR2-1066 (2048 x 4), P/N F2-8500CL5D into an ASUS Crosshair II Formula AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard.

The problem is that the both the BIOS and Windows only shows 6 of the 8MB installed.

Any ideas whats causing this?

Note: The Motherboard bios has been updated and the DDR type selected in the bios "DDR1066" with all other setting on automatic. I dont think that there is another bios update as this MB is about 2 years old.
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  1. Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit Windows?
  2. 32 bit.... however as I said, the bios isnt even showing the 8MB installed so I dont expect that the OS would ever show it.

    Note: I'm aware of the 32bit memory limitartions and plan on changin my OS at a later date.
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    Try reseating the memory to make sure they are firmly inserted. Also, make sure the slots are clean of particles/dust.

    I assume you have two kits, so make sure each kit is installed in the same color slots.

    Keep us posted!

    Thank you
  4. Yeah reseating the memory did the trick !
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