How to create(restore) SysMain service in Windows 7 SP1

Hi all, is there a way to recreate the SysMain service in windows 7 SP1 because i've stupidly deleted it a while ago using the "sc delete" command in cmd?? I know there is a "sc create" command but i don't know how and if i can use it to restore the SysMain service, and i need it for ReadyBoost...not to say i don't have Superfetch and ReadyBoot, so i would really appreciate your help.

P.S. I would like to avoid any kind of windows reinstalling.
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  1. why did you delete it?

    you could just have disabled it

    try opening a command prompt and typing in sfc /scannow to see if it will restore it
  2. I've tried sfc /scannow but it doesn't restore it. I also tried using sc create but i don't know what file to point and what parameters to use
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