Can mobo damage make a cpu slower

I'd like to know if mobo damage can slow down a pc. How likely is it that a cpu slowdown is due to mobo damage? Thanks!
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  1. They deleted the wrong Threads along with a long answer...

    Shorter version...

    Typically no, but there can be issues with bad sub-components (SATA, USB, NIC, etc). IF your MOBO suddenly slowed down then my first (2) guesses are:
    1. Corrupted BIOS ; Clear CMOS (universal How To) -
    2. Missing/Bad stick of RAM. Compare CPU-z 'Memory' tab with Windows Resource Monitor and in particular the Hardware Reserved value. If Hardware Reserved _____MB > 1 Stick of RAM (1024MB = 1GB) then often the BIOS has Disabled at least (1) stick that was deemed bad to avoid errors/corruption.

    CPU-z -

    Resource Monitor in Windows 7 (32GB -24MB ; 20MB-768MB is normal ; >80MB is only if MOBO has onboard video)
  2. Many thanks jaquith! i'll look into both things.
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