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hello, I need advice with this, I'm really new to all this, my old computer is not as sophisticated as this,the available funds around $ 2200, I hope to get advice from you guys, thanks

Cooler Master HAF full tower (RC-942-kkn1)
Core i7 960 (Box)
Asus Rampage III Extreme
Gigabyte GTX 590
CORSAIR 1200W CMPSU-1200AXEU AX Professional Gold Series
Corsair CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 (3x4Gb) (i7,1366,Triple Chanel)
Zalman CNPS 11X
DELL 23 Inch Alienware AW2310
Corsair Force Series CSSD-F120GB3-BK sata III
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  1. Not so good.
    960 is old, 590s are over priced and AX-1200 is a little too much power for you wallet.

    Where are you buying from though?
  2. I have not bought it, I come from Indonesia and I intend to buy it this week, I plan to buy it all from the central computers that are here, does GTX 590 can work optimally with 950watt Power Supply? and whether the monitor Samsung 23-Inch PX2370 is good? I felt the monitor alienware is too expensive and what suggestions do you have for the processor?
  3. I just discovered this forum after finding out about computers, after reading some threads I just realized I was almost throwing my money ...
  4. Thank you for your reply...
  5. Not sure about what parts you have available, but look for a 2500K + 6950/GTX560Ti/GTX570 in crossfire.

    For the monitor, any decent 1080p would do fine if you don't want 3D.
  6. Consider the Intel second generation CPUs like i7-2600K

    This is a recently released PSU from Corsair: (this will power whatever you install in the computer).

    Another one to consider is: - this one will also power whatever you install in the computer.

    I suggest that you read some of the posts in the 'New Build' section, and then configure a system for yourself. Then post in the New Builds section for review and recommendations.
  7. I have not bought it but I've ordered everything I mentioned above, but I was able to cancel some to be replaced with another (because I know the shop owners) are likely in the middle of this week's all been available, I'm just in doubt with all that. I think the 3d technology is not perfect and too expensive, probably the most realistic option for gaming is the Samsung 23-Inch PX2370, how do you think?
  8. @ Ubrales : thanks for the advice and your time, I re-read the article that you recommend.. :)

    @ Timop : thanks for the replying my question.. :)
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