Need help finishing my build...

Right now, I am pretty set on the case, processor, ram and motherboard. I am having trouble deciding on a proper SSD and graphics card. This is the build so far:

Haf X

HD 6870 in Crossfire

Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 1600

EVGA X58 mobo

i7 960 - Quad 3.2

Intel SSD 80 GB

Corsair 850W PSU:

For an SSD, is 80GB enough? I'd like to install windows 7 and a few other programs, but nothing too much. For GPU, I am torn between getting 6870's in SLI or a single, better GPU. I am also worried about bad drivers for radeon cards, as they don't have the best reputation (at least that's how it used to be).
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    Change SSD
    And yes it is good enough.

    CF 6870 is good enough. It's really good actually.
    Beats out a 580 pretty easily.

    Change the i7 960 to the 2500K and the Motherboard too.
    You're a generation behind sir. The older i7's are power hungry, run hot, and are of the 45nm arch. The 32nm design of SB fixes those problems and can overclock way higher, to the point of 4.6ghz, some to 5ghz. All depending on the grade of the CPU.

    You don't need 12GB of DDR3 1600. 8GB is good enough, even 4GB. What is the usage of the computer? Be aware, Socket 1155 is DUAL CHANNEL, doesn't mean it is worse, BUT ONLY GET RAM IN SETS OF 2/4.

    Change the power supply.
    Don't care bout modular?
    You want modular?
    750w is good enough to power 6870 CF and OC'd 2500K.

    You don't need to worry about drivers, they've been smoothed out over time. Currently they're very good.
  2. Awesome..thank you so much for the detailed, prompt response. Most of this looks very smart and makes sense to me. Are you sure that a 750w will be enough? Newegg's PSU calculator suggests 752W with this setup (around 50 less than my previous setup). I'm also not sure about the ram (8GB will probably be fine, but I like to give myself some cushion.)

    This PC is to be used for video games and work. I do a lot of financial modelling and backtesting, which can be pretty strenuous, especially with multiple programs running at once.
  3. Alright well the Quad of the 2500K would be fine. And the 8GB would help a little bit. You could check out this PSU then if you don't think 750w is enough.
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  5. This is excellent...thanks so much for the help
  6. GL
  7. Heres an $320 2500K+Z68 combo, if you don't do heavy OC, save the money for 16GB of RAM:

    You can get a 120GB SATA3 SSD for a little more, 80GB would be a little tight if you install more than a few games :

    On the PSU, 750W would be plenty, though the LEPA 850W is a great PSU for the price.
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