Sabertooth Z77 vs Maximus Gene V Z77

I was looking at the Sabertooth Z77 by a recomendation but I am now looking at the Maximus Gene V.

I will be getting a 3570k doing some mild overclocking and will only be using one video card, I have an Antec One gaming series case and a coolermaster 212 EVO and corsair vengence low profile ram.

Are there huge differences between the two motherboards? Is the sabertooth worth the extra 30-40 dollars for the thermal armor and the 5 year warranty.

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  1. That was one of the things I was curious about was the cable management. I do have an Antec HCG 620 which is semi modular.

    What I am wondering is if the options that the Sabertooth has are worth the extra 30-40 dollars.
  2. do you happen to know if the fan on the rear of the sabertooth blows in or out, from what i have seen both mini fans bring air in. The one on the back bringing air in seems silly since all of the warm/hot cpu air is going out of the case at the back and top.
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    According to this it's an intake fan.
  4. awesome thats what i thought.....thanks for the replys i think i will go with a sabertooth.
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    thanks man.

    No worries, mate.
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