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I thought , I almost swore that I used the same pw as b4, but either way I can't get into my bios, I had some one build this pc, now he's no longer around. So I guess I need some expert help on resetting the pw, or bypassing the password and then resetting it. Ive been getting alot of cpu errors, and page fault errors. and my cpu is getting not, it runs around 65 Celceis.

Plse help me , im not very good w/ taking apart and putting thinds back, on hdd things.
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  1. try contacting Asus.
  2. We cannot help you bypass passwords, it is against forum rules
  3. People building PC's rarely configure a BIOS password for someone they know, so this seems very sketchy. You will need to contact ASUS to see if they can help. Be prepared to show valid proof of purchase and ownership as well as a fee for the support service.

    This is the most help we can give:
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