2500 euro gaming system please advice, ordering tomorrow

Hallo, I live in austria and i must order my components from www.ditech.at. I want to play games on 1900x 1200 on max settings.
I don't want to have i7 2500k , but what you think about SLI? do u think, is it really oevrkill to have 580 gtx? or do you think, i should save my 400 euro instead of SLI, and spent it on another part?

I am ordering tomorrow my parts which are:


Solid State Disk 2,5" SATA 6Gb/s OCZ Vertex 3, 240 GB

i7 2600k

Motherboard: asus z68-v PRO

Ram: G.skill Sniper Cl7 8 gb

PSU: Corsair 1000W hx

GPU: Grafikkarte PCI-E 2.0 ASUS ENGTX580 DCII/2DIS/1536MD5, retail,

GPU2: The same for SLI
Cooler: Noctua dh 14

Case: Cooler master Haf X

Which part should i change and the reason please? I will assemble parts by my self, I am experienced on it.
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  1. Also , about the motherboard, do you think should i get gigabyte z68 ud4 ? or asus z68 deluxe model? and why?
  2. I would suggest a different model GTX580 for SLi because your top card is going to be blowing directly into your bottom one if you buy those. You should get one of the reference models that exhaust out the back of the case.

    Make sure you have enough room for the case. It's pretty big.

    I have basically the same exact setup and it is a pretty good machine. I haven't played too many games on it but battlefield bad company 2 on high runs around 200fps and WoW runs at 130-230 on average unless in a really busy place which drops to about 40-90.

    I have a gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3 and my second card didn't want to line up on the HAF X quite right. It lines up enough to get the top screw in but the bottom was just off center which wouldn't allow me to put a screw in there.
  3. I just hope ,it lasts at least 3 years for me,then I will order new computer, what about 6990+6970 tri fire setup ?also I can raid 2x crucial m4 128 gb .it is also cheaper than vertex 3.
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