Microphone Low Volume on Extreme 3

Hey guys,

I just installed a new mobo with my windows 7, and the sound mic volume is so low. with everything turned up i need to scream to even kind of hear myself on playback. I read this was an issue with windows 7 so what is the fix?

Mobo is ASrock 970 Extreme 3 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.


Things Ive Tried:

-Both front and back
-Messing with volume controls
-Realtek Audio Manager
-Driver Check off both websites
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  1. did you try the +1 db mic in booster. Not sure if it is on win7 but I remember that was an issue in the past.
  2. Yea, I put the boost all the way to like +40 and nothing helped, just created more static
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