Can any one tell me is it possible to change my Nvidia AGP video card MX440 to a HDMI video card and what is the most compatible one

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  1. There isn't an AGP card with HDM-Interface.
  2. I mean to remove the AGP card and put an HDMI card instead
    Thank you
  3. Actually it appears they did create a few cards with hdmi and audi pass-through though as with all of the last AGP cards, drivers are mess. If you do buy one of these cards, download the AGP hotfix drivers from the amd site.

    From the looks of it the HIS cards has a jumper on the card to enable and disable hdmi audio pass through. I assume that you want to use the computer as a media center with a tv, so audio pass through is a must.
  4. Any HD 3000 or 4000 series AGP card will work fine. Of course, they need the AGP hotix applied drivers and those are a real pain sometimes -_-
  5. you can get a dvi to hdmi adaptor.
  6. thanks guys for the replays I appreciate it.
  7. Getting a dvi to hdmi adapter would mean having no audio over the hdmi cable. Meaning you would have to run audio either through a separate receiver or run it through aux in on the TV. Aux in isn't a supported by all televisions, hence why I recommend buying a card with HDMI and audio pass through if you intend to use the computer as a media center. Saves you a lot of headaches.

    If you just want the picture without sound, iam2thecrowe is right, you can just buy a dvi -> HDMI cable. They retail for about $4 for 6 feet on amazon.
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