Windows can not be installed to this disk

(I'm running a (HDD) Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000, (MOBO) P67 Extreme4, and (OS) Windows 7 64bit.

I just built my first computer last night, and I feel like I've jumped through every hoop except for this last one...

Every time I try to install Windows using the installation disk, it goes fine until I choose where to install it to. It shows my HDD as Partition 0, Disk 1, but I can't install anything to it. I can Format it, Delete it, and search for Drivers. But, I just can't install Windows to it. I can search for drivers on the MOBO disk, and it always finds something, but it doesn't ever make a difference.

(I'll give a step-by-step of all the problems I've fixed to get this far)
1. Forgot to hook up optical drive (Boy, did I feel like an idiot)
2. Hooked it up improperly, went back and fixed it
3. Ran the disk that came with the MOBO, which just showed the time and date in the bottom right corner. After pressing ESC, something happened (too fast for me to see), and now the disk always goes straight to a screen asking for information from a floppy.
4. Tried running the Windows disk, but the HDD wasn't showing. I opened it up, and realized I had hooked that up improperly as well.
5. Installed a driver from the MOBO disk, but nothing changed.
6. And now, Windows won't detect ANY drivers. It won't detect the drivers it had no trouble downloading last night, and it won't detect the updated drivers I put on a flash drive in hopes of trying them.
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  1. Dunno how relevant this is, but If you've got multiple HDDs, unplug all except the one you want to install on. You should be able to plug them back in after the install. This got me past an ugly roadblock once.
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