Building a 1300-1500 gaming rig around Black friday

Hey all -- I'm no uber techie for building new computers but i am computer savvy and have put together bare bones builds before and also did IT on campus for ~3 years.. that being said, I am trying to do some research for putting together a 1300-1500 machine for gaming... but I am not lookingto build it up until Black friday so that I can snag some good deals as well as prep for Skyrim/D3 and other games!

I'm going to be working with a Thermaltake Armor A60 case that I got on sale for ~36 bucks recently..

I'm mainly looking at a i5-2500k processor but have no idea what kind of mobo(s) I should try to aim for

8 Gigs of speedy ram for gaming (ideas thoughts kinds? ive read 1600 is really the 'top speed' for noticing)

is a SSD much better than a raid setup of 7200 rpm? does anyone think prices on SSD will continue to drop by black friday (and especially on black friday) or should i stick with an old HDD and wait a little longer for SSD prices to continue to drop to more reasonable levels for more space?

Most likely want to stick with a single powerful card, maybe a 580

Basically I'm looking for people with more technical backgrounds to give me their input and thoughts/strategy they woould look for if they were aiting for black friday to arrive in terms of building a comp... do 'gamer' components tend to go on sale nicely around then or is it mainly mainstream parts?
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  2. I don't see much sense in planning a gaming build nearly 5 full months in advance. New products will be available then. Prices can and very likely will change by then, too.

    Halloween might be a more appropriate time to start looking into such a build, with the weeks between it and Black Friday allowing plenty of time to research individual parts in more detail.
  3. Yeah, it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since last black Friday, not that us UK buyers get that anyhow...
    Wait till nearer the time to plan it, or go for it now with current tech
  4. haha did not realize i had posted to a uk forum?! from the us ... wonder how that happened :P but thx... yeah i wasnt sure if anyone might have some foresight on the parts n pieces coming out soon.
  5. Well bulldozer may/may not be out in a month or so, that could affect things, graphics cards are coming out ten a week and other parts like hard drives/ram etc are always slowly improved upon,
    the Rig Why-me has posted is a reasonable build now, and should last 2-3 years depending on how exacting your standards are, but in 6 months time it wouldn't be a recommended build for top level gaming,
    the 580 you like isn't the top card at the moment and is only going to slide further down the foodchain by the time B.F. gets here
    4Gb of 1333Mhz ram is pretty much all you 'need' for gaming, the benefits from more or faster are negligible in realworld settings for gamers if you absolutely need the extra 3-4 fps then spend the extra, but its diminishing returns territory,
    best bet is keep an eye on the stickes at the top of the section, recommended builds, read them through and get a feel for the parts, and bear in mind some games favour intel/nvidia over amd, some are impartial, its the games YOU play that matter to you so make a choice accordingly :)
  6. You didn't post on a UK forum. Tom's Hardware is world-wide, but there are site portals for several specific countries. Just look at the fine print found at the bottom of the page.
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