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Hey all, I'm looking for a fun summer project that isn't overly complicated considering it is my first ever pc build! I came across the Nvidia DIY kit at tigerdirect.ca and it seems to fall in line with my skill level. I'm here to ask if possible what is best gpu upgrade i can get thats possible with my 500watt power supply and other pc componets. Note I plan on upgrading memory to 4gb ddr3, any other upgrades I should make to system please post opinions.

NVIDIA GeForce DIY Kit Includes

MSI G41M-P33 Motherboard
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 2.7Ghz Processor
GlacialTech Socket 775 95W CPU Cooler
2GB PC3-10666 DDR3-1333MHz RAM Memory
Nvidia GTS 250 512MB Video Card
LG GH22NS50B DVD Writer
Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB Caviar Blue Hard Drive
Keyboard (Black)
Optical Mouse (Black)
Cooler Master NV-334-KWN1-GP Elite 334 Nvidia Case
Ultra LS500 Lifetime Series 500W Power Supply

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  1. You might want to see if they have a sandy bridge DYI. Socket 775 is dated and dead.
  2. well the ram would be a good upgrade, also upgrading the video card would be a good choice too. the gts250 is still a good card, i mean its not good enough to max todays games at high resolutions but still good. and also upgrading the cpu later too. even though that would be the most expensive thing you can do since lga 775 cpu's are still crazy expensive despite being old.
  3. whats the best possible gpu upgrade i can make any suggestions on which card?
  4. The best possible gfx card upgrade would be to not buy that kit in the first place .

    What is your budget? Chances are you can do better for the same $$$
  5. ^+2

    You should not get a computer that that starts off old. Try to look for a LGA 1155 build if you want a new Intel computer. The cpu socket should at least be good enough for the next generation of Intel processors, Ivy bridge. This way your new computer could get some meaningful upgrades down the line when it's age will start to show. Nothing new will be coming out for LGA 775. Nothing.
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