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I have an acer aspire z5600 and I want to know what graphics cards I can choose from.
My budget is only up to 100$
I want to play games like Left For Dead 2
And my power supply is 250w according to the Acer site.
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  1. Your going to need to ugprade your Power supply to get a graphics card that can play L4D.

    Look at your power supply and tell what the amps are on the +12/v rail and how many watts it support.
  2. If my quick google was accurate, your ACER is one of the all in one versions that looks like an imac.

    In that case you are basically screwed -- there is no room in that computer to upgrade. Sorry to give you the bad news ...
  3. Aww I figured as much I just wanted to make sure. Well thankyou
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