Static and my first build

I finally purchased my parts and They are sitting at my house. I installed the CD and hard drive into my case with no problems.

Before I start working with the delicate components. I need a few things cleared up about Static.

Most articles Ive read, say to just touch an unpainted part of your case to discharge yourself. Well, I have the Coolermaster Storm Scout that is completely painted. No bare metal at all.

It is also my first build and the Powersupply is still in its box. Want to do a test build outside of the case first. How would I go about grounding myself with this circumstance?

Same issue with anti static wrist straps. If im installing the CPU on the motherboard, and the motherboard is on its box, where would I attach the clip?

Sorry if this is the wrong section.

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  1. You could work on an anti static mat where you place your components....and attach the grounding clip thats on the mat to something....
  2. I dont have access to an anit static mat. im working on smooth plywood.
  3. look up breadboarding....sure you can find some grounding instructions. Ask the people in this section
  4. Honestly, there is a very slim chance that you will discharge on your computer, you working on smooth plywood you should be safe. If you are still afraid that something my happen purchase a anti-static wristband.
  5. I dont really want to purchase a wrist strap. I would like to use the method of touching the case every so often. My case only has the cd drive installed and it is completely painted. Can I still discharge myself with it?
  6. Okay, thats fine. You said you were working on plywood, just touch your air vent (from your home) every 5 minutes or so, and you should be fine. I know how the fear of damaging your brand new purchase can feel, but static discharge is very unlike to happen unless your working in a carpeted area, or very dry conditions.
  7. Airvent? I live in Alaska. I dont have airvents. would touching a painted metal surface work? because like I said, my case and most metal things in my house, are completely painted.
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    That blind sided me... my best friend is from alaska!

    You can always touch your wall-outlet (the metal part round it, not inside of it) and that should discharge you.
  9. ahh okay. Ill do that. Im going to rub my head on the carpet and then touch the outlet to make sure it works. :D

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  11. This time of year up there should not be a big issue. You would only want to really worry in the winter when the air is dry.
  12. No problem, glad i could help.
  13. Thanks again guys.
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