What is the problem with my PC?

Hey everyone, first post. I am having a problem with my computer and it is driving me nuts. I dont know if it is my graphics card or what. When I play Call of Duty MW2 or Black Ops, after a while of playing the screen gets weird. Everything changes colors and the text gets blocky and unreadable.

Here is a screenshot -

Anyways, I am just wondering what could be causing this. Here are my system specs:

AMD Phenom II 955+ 3.2GHz (Quad Core)
Coolermaster GeminII S, 5 Copper Heat Pipes, Dual Cooler, CPU fan
8GB (4x2GB) PC6400 DDR2 800 Dual Channel
EVGA GTX460 01G-P3-1373-AR
500.0GB Western Digital + 1T Seagate Barracuda
AC 97 3D Full Duplex sound card (onboard)
Ethernet network adapter (onboard)
Ultra LSP 750W ATX Power Supply, SLI ready

I downloaded EVGA's Precision program to monitor the temperature as you can see in the screenshot and it wasn't even above 60C and from what I've read, the GTX 460 can get into the 80's before having problems. As soon as that happens, I can exit out of the game completely, immediately load it back up and start playing again and it looks normal. Can someone please help me out?

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  1. did something like this also happen to other games as well?
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