Laptop graphics card upgrade for a dell studio 17?

Is it possible to upgrade a graphics card for this laptop, it has an i3 and 4 gb of ram and expresscard slot, firewire port, esata, hdmi, and usbs ports.
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  1. Unfortunately no.
    There are only few laptops such as some AW/Sager models which allow limited VGA upgrades.
  2. well there is a product called a ViDock google it. Basicly allows you to hook up a desktop GPU to your laptop. From the vids I have sen it works great but as far as being cost effective......well its not lol. I thinks its between $300-500 (depending on what GPU you want) worth of upgrade after all said and done. A little bit more and you could build yourself a gaming desktop. But it might be ok if you just purchased the laptop and dont plan on having a desktop.
  3. ok thanks alot
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