New PSU. Computer doesn't start up.

Hello everyone. I'm new here.
I've bought a new PSU, an Intertech SinanPower 530W, because the old one didn't have it's fan spinning anymore and i have been experiencing shutdowns(ONLY when i play WoW, weird). Hooked up the new PSU, and the computer won't even start.
Funny thing is, the motherboard light is lit (green), so there is electricity. I checked, double checked, triple-checked the wiring and connections and i'm 110% convinced that the connections are OK and in place.
I'm getting really frustrated, as I don't have any solutions left.
My specs are:
Packard Bell M2NS-NVM motherboard.
AMD Athlon x2 64 3800+ at 2.0 GHz
3 GBs of DDR2
9800 GT video card 512mb Ram 256 bits
Help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance
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  1. I've never heard of this brand before. After doing a google search, I found a lot of non-US-based websites selling your PSU model. That said, if you're using this PSU in the US, check to see that the volt switch on the back is set to 115, instead of 230.

    If the above tip doesn't apply, test your PSU with a digital multimeter and also breadboard your system to rule out electrical shorts.
  2. I'm using it in Europe. So the switch is out of the question. I don't have a multimeter unfortunately.
    Thank you for your quick response.
    Any other tips?
  3. double check you have ALL the connectors plugged in

    Motherboard + 4pin
    CPU 4pin (mabye 8pin)
    Graphics Card (either 6 or 8 pin)
  4. I said in my first post that i even triple-checked everything. Trust me, everything IS in place.

    The computer just doesn't fire up. Is it a possibility that i've fried my motherboard? Anyway tomorow i'll go to a friend and check my PSU on his computer.
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