First random freezes then No Post

Hey guys I will try to be concise, I have quite a bit of strange things going on with my computer.

Just moved and computer started acting up, not sure what caused the problem. Here are the symptoms I have read the guide on the site and tried all the things to fix, but unfortunately nothing has worked.

1) When I first turned on my computer, random symbols appeared next to one of my drives at boot, took longer than normal to boot up system.

2) Once logged in to windows there were random 15 second or so pauses, no mouse, no keyboard, and audio would freeze, sometimes it would say my nvidia driver stopped working.

3) Tried resetting RAM voltages and clock settings in bios, no luck there.

4) Whenever I would click on one of my harddrives in windows, explorer would freeze up, other harddrive was browseable.

5) Turned off the computer and removed what I thought was a bad harddrive no computer won't even post!
Lights on the motherboard turn on and fans spin but it won't post.

6) I cycled the PSU a few times and removed and reinserted the CMOS and the computer will SOMETIMES POST but only rarely.

7)Unplugged all peripherals, still no post. I have no idea what the issue is....

Any ideas guys?
Here are my specs
EVGA 680i MoBo
EVGA 8800GT Video Card
OCZ 1066 Platinum DDR2 RAM
Corsair vx550w power supply
E3110 3GHz Intel Processor
and 2 HDDs (1TB Samsung which was the one acting weird in windows and the 500GB WD that has the OS on it)

Thanks in advance guys, been trying to figure this out for days!

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  1. UPDATE:

    Still won't post, fans spin up and lights turn on

    1)Tested thought to be problematic harddrive in a different computer, worked fine

    2)put a couple of fans as a load on the PSU and connected green wire to black, tested voltages and all were spot on

    3) Tried a new videocard in the computer, still won't post

    4) Tried single stick of ram (both sticks individually)

    I am thinking maybe CPU or MoBo, any suggestions or ideas?

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