Do you know what these ports are?

I got a new lenovo thinkpad notebook the other day for college and I was curious what these two ports are. The long one looks like RAM and the other one looks like its used for WiFi because it has two antenna leads next to the slot. I wanted to get one of those OCZ SSD's that fit into a mSata port, what are my chances that the small port is mSata? I think its PCI though. Any help would be apreciated it.

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  1. The one on the left looks like it has a metal latch on each end , if you were to unhook them then that black socket looking bar would be able to be moved to an upright position and you would have a better idea what it is for. My guess is that it is a pci-e slot for a laptop discrete video card.
  2. One on the left is definatly a RAM slot.

    Yes the one on the right is at mini PCI port for Wifi (hence the antenna leads)
    and such.

    Not suitable for a graphics card.
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