ASUS Z77-V Pro VS Deluxe

Hey guys,

Anyone have experience with these motherboards? The deluxe has 2 WiFi antennas vs 1 for the PRO. Anyone know if it makes a significant difference?

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  1. ^as you said,deluxe is basically v-pro with extra ports.i don't think you need 2 wifi antennas if you are a vote goes to v-pro.ud5h from gigabyte is another solid board-
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm quite intrigued with the Wifi-GO options (controlling with smartphone, wireless connectivity to TV etc.) Just wondering if there would be any limitations with 1 antenna. Anyone who owns either of the these boards?
  3. owning the board is not necessary.i hardly doubt this WiFi-GO option has any real time i mentioned earlier,v-pro is a better deal.
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