6950 Xfire question (eyefinity setup)

I've currently got a Sapphire 6950(2GB) running eyefinity at 5760 x 1080. It runs most of my games decently at medium high settings and i'm not having any issues. I want to upgrade to xfire in the next few months in preparation for BF3 and Skyrim though. My current mobo is x16/x4 so it needs to go and my PSU is a corsair tx650 so it needs to be replaced too. I have a core I5 750 processor so it's 1156. What would be my best bet in a motherboard? Do I need to upgrade to a whole new cpu/mobo combination (X58) or would something serve my purpose with my current cpu? How much power would I need to run this? 850w 1000W?

As the video card alone costs $275 i'd like to be cost conscious so my wife doesn't leave me. If I can keep my cpu i'd be happy but i'm not finding x16/x16 mobo's on the P55 chipset, which i read doesn't exist and doesn't matter much. What i'm worried about is it making a difference in eyefinity as it's triple the resolution. Would the extra bandwidth help and is it worth another few hundred bucks for a cpu?
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  1. look mate you dont need to change anything at all
    your cpu can handle everything without bottlenecking and the psu is good and the mobo can run the x-fire perfectly if you think that X16/x4 is issue its not your cards will run at X8/X8 so its good
    good luck
  2. There have been a couple of other posts where the OP has a single 6950 and they struggle with Eyefinity. That is a lot of pixels to process and the 6950 is generally good for one monitor or Eyefinity at medium resolutions.

    PSU will depend on what you do for CPU. I personally prefer at least a 750W PSU when xfiring but more depending upon what you do...

    You dont really need 2 x 16 Pcie slots - Toms has shown that is not a limiting factor, so 2x8 works just fine (go read the test, it was pretty recent). That means you dont NEED X58 and it gives you options....

    good luck
  3. i will agree with @vvhocare5 that you dont need x58 mobo but 650 watt will run it fine it can run the 5870 CF and the 5870 consume more power than 6950
  4. As long as your PCI-E slots are 2.0 then you don't need to worry about the x4 slot. Here is an article from Techpowerup about PCI-E scaling on a GTX 480;
    So, while not ideal, a x4 slot should only limit the second card by about 5%.
  5. Thank you guys. I've seen that there was no significant difference between x16(2) and x8(2) in single monitor set ups and a minor difference with x4. I tried xfire with two 6850's and performance dropped drastically in eyefinity even though single monitor performance saw a huge leap. I thought it was a bandwidth issue due to the +6 million pixels being produced and just upgraded the card to the 6950, returning the other two.

    My understanding is that x4 is ok for single screen but a no no for eyefinity. I tried it with the 6850's and it was a no go... but have seen xfire and eyefinity work together.
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