Building a server with i7 for internet cafe ?

hi everybody please i need help
first im gonna buy like 20 pc with i5-750 and hd 5770 for gamers and enthusiasts in internet cyber cafe and that will cost me a lot of money indeed and for games i will install original games and original os but can i do it in a server pc and let all the other pc's access it or i can install the os in all of the pc's but can i install all the games in one server and let the computer access it
and the rig i think about to be the server is
i7 980X with corsair H70 for cooling
rams will be 24 GB DDR3 1066 MHZ
asus rampage iii extreme
4 TB western digital
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
8 seperate hard drives in raid 5 for data security it will be aproximatley 4 TB but the HDD's will be working is 4 about 2 TB
and for gpu Geforce GTX 260 will do it and the dvd drives will be dual blu-ray burner i will use them for backup and the PSU is gonna be thermaltake 1500 watt
and the case will be thermaltake speedo advance package
and the internet speed is gonna be 8 MB
any ideas and helps will be appreciated
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  1. You won't be able to play any advanced games using a terminal server. You need to install the games on the comuters that will run them. You should not need the server for anything unelss you will be running remote backups of the PC and will use it for user authentication in a domain.
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