Z77 Extreme9 LED Problem

Hello everyone,
I am having problems with the Motherboards LED's. They are connected correctly, however when I turn the computer on, what happens is they all light up good and dandy, but as soon as it boots up from my SSD (which has the OS) they immediately turn off like clockwork. They are always on if I were to say stay in the BIOS, so it's not a timed event, it's just as soon as it goes to the Windows loading splash screen, they turn off.

Anyone experience this problem too? I read in the manual that they should only turn off when the computer is off or asleep, so I am really confused =\

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've the same problem... They worked perfectly before but since today they turn off once the OS boots up (on SSD too)...

    Did you find something?
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    The only LED you want left 'on' is the Power LED, all of the other LEDs during post are on only while they are being polled by the BIOS check. Once you see the Windows GUI then that's the hand-off to Windows.

    Now IF you're taking about the Case's Power and (PLED) HDD indicators then that is a problem.

    Example on my ASUS Sabertooth X79, there's a series of CPU, DRAM, etc LEDs that go on and off during post -- I'm in trouble if they're still on after posting -- it means something has failed (typically what left on) if they're ON other than the power LED.

    Please explain further...?
  3. In fact on this mobo there's 'decorative' LED's on the north and south chipset heatsinks.

    Like this Asrock logo:

    I've no problem with the power/hdd and 7 segments debuger, only with these 'pretty but useless' LED's

    Logically there's no way to control them through drivers so I suppose Win7 and drivers shouldn't interfere... But I've to reinstal Win7 in some days so I'll post here if it resolve the issue =)

    (really sorry for my bad english, I just hope you understand what I say ^^' )
  4. Decorative - would be VERY low on my list of concerns. Maybe there's a toggle in the ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility??!!
  5. Yep it's not a big problem. But I fear that to be an electrical problem that could lead to more critical issues.

    Nothing to configure that in tu AXTU :/
  6. Hello again,
    Thank you all for your input.
    I played around in the BIOS again just to see if I missed something, and it turns out I did.
    In the South Bridge configuration, there is a setting called 'Good Night LED' (misleading I know) and this needs to be disabled. After disabling this, the Mobo LED's will stay on post boot up stage.

    Thanks again :)
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  8. 'Good Night LED' - yeah I saw that in the manual but I assumed it was some bizarre name for 'Sleep' indication. Good to know.
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