Palit GTX 560 ti 2GB problems

I just built my first gaming PC last month. It has been running just fine an all games...except for one, DA:O Ultimate Edition. My GPU averages between 28-45 FPS in Crysis on ultra graphics and maxes between 68-72 degrees Celsius during intense gameplay. On the other hand, when I play DA:O, I get ~60 FPS but my GPU constantly heats between 79-82 degrees Celsius regardless of on-screen action. I believe that these temps are what are causing the hardware failure bluescreens that I only get when playing DA:O. If I don't get a hardware failure, the program will just stop responding. I am running the newest Nvidia drivers. My motherboard is m4a89gtd usb/pro.
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  1. These cards should be fine till they near 100C

    What's the BSOD / Event Viewer message ? If it's the "driver has stopped responding but has recovered" thing .... I'm lost. I have seen that message come and go w/o explanation over the years and have never gotten anywhere with it. Most common occurrence has been on factory overclocked cards that simply refuse to run at their factory guaranteed speed.
  2. Would probably help if you listed your system specs.....
    Is this Dragon Age?
    It might be a problem with the game....(eg..GTA IV when it was released for pc....)
    At 82c your graphics card is just warming These newer cards can hit higher temps..and if it was your graphics card you would usually see artifacting on the screen before locking up!
    If the message is as Jack noted..that usually indicates that the drivers used are not compatible with your specific card.
    Hope this helps and please respond so we can resolve this problem....JQ
  3. I honestly didn't have time to check the BSOD message before it restart, but when I went to the event viewer all I see is, "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." The blue-screens haven't occurred in a while though, it just constantly crashes now. I looked around online and apparently Windows 7 crashes the game when it runs in DX10. I haven't tried running it in DX9 yet, but I don't really want to just because of the graphics difference. My PC specs are as follows: AMD 1100t 3.3Ghz CPU, ASUS m4a89gtd usb/pro motherboard, Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Palit 2GB GPU, 8GB 2x4 1333MHz Crucial RAM, Hitachi 2Tb 64Mb cache 7200 RPM Hard Drive, Lite-on lightscribe 24X DVD burner, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
  4. The smiley face replaced my O for some reason, sorry. It was supposed to be the acronym for Dragon Age Origins.
  5. Go to system properties -> advanced -> startup and recovery -> settings button -> System failure -> Automatically restart (remove check).

    This way you can actually read what the error message is.
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