AMD Athlon II X2 255 Bottleneck?

Hello,Im just new here so sorry if i did anything wrong. Im building a new PC and it currently has the AMD Athlon II X2 255, i was thinking of getting a card like the 560 or 550ti. possibly a 6000 series ATI card. if i do get one of these cars will the processor bottleneck the gpu when i play games like bad company 2 and possibly bf3. also battlefield play4free. if so should i get a quad core or just downgrade gpu? i want to play above 30fps.

extra info: AMD Athlon II X2 255 runs at 3.1Ghz Dual core.
RAM: 2gb (RAM is not an issue for me i am willing to buy more).
PSU: 460W
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  1. Yes it will. Honestly you will want a quad core CPU. My wife as a Athlon II X2 255 but for her, its fine as she doesn't do heavy gaming. But for your GPU and the games you want, a quad would be the better route to go.

    Also, put in for 4GB of RAM and make sure you have 7 64bit. 4GB of RAM will make 7 very happy.
  2. ok, thanks for the reply. now it seems it was a pretty noobish question. can u suggest a particular cpu? i was think AMD phenom II X4 955?
  3. also i forgot to mention. i want to run at 1680x1050
  4. the 955 should handle it... if it doesn't you can always oc' it till it does... but you should have enough bandwidth from the stock and turbo setup for anything up to a 560 or 6950
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