Bios boots multiple times

Hey all,

I am having an issue with my computer where the asus boot splash will appear multiple times, initially when it started occurring it was twice but it is now happening three times (I vaguely remember it not occurring when it was first built.
Between attempts to get past the splash it does show on the initial attempt that it can't see any HDD's then the consequent attempts they appear ok.
Since this issue started occurring the motherboard (p8p67 evo) has been replaced (p8z68 Gen3 pro) but the problem occurred once the new one had been installed instantly. A friend of mine has also complained of the same issue with his asus motherboard (I don't know specific components).

Since this issue initially started occurring 8gb of memory was added (the initial 4gb set was later removed as it became faulty), 6870 was replaced with a 6950, an SSS was added and setup as the primary boot drive, system tested with ssd only and like stated motherboard was swapped out.

My current setup
P8z68 gen3 evo
2x4gb 1600mhz memory
i7 2600 OC'd
Asus 6950 1gb
Corsair hx750 psu
2xhdd 1xssd
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