I5 750 Huge Core Temp Difference

I'm taking my i5 750 up to the area of 4 GHz, and I'm seeing a huge difference in temperature on my 3rd core. At first I was simply getting warmer than normal temps, so I reapplied my H50 using Arctic Silver 5 with the vertical line method. Now I'm getting even warmer temps, and core 3 will remain 12-13 degrees below the other cores.

Look under max load. That was my most recent Prime 95 test.

What's going on here?
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  1. A core temp difference of 5-10 degrees is normal and nothing to be afraid of. Maybe uneven thermal paste over that specific spot between the cpu and heatsink but usually if you're not having any problems then it's fine and you don't need to worry about it.
  2. Yeah...but we're talking about 12-13 degrees here...not 5-10.
  3. if you changed H50's thermal paste you did a big mistake, Stock H50 thermal is the best of the best, you'll never going to get same temp again.
  4. That's BS. Corsair doesn't expect you to never upgrade your computer hardware. And I'm not complaining about high temps, I'm complaining about uneven temp loading. Wtf..really guys?
  5. The errors get worse the higher temps you go. If is consistent before and after, it is almost certainly a problem with the diode and not the paste. What do you get at stock settings?
  6. I've learned on the Corsair forums it might also be because the heatsink is too tight. If the CPU is slightly bent, which isn't unheard of, loosening the screws might help distribute the pressure. I'll try that later on.
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