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I finally got my network to work and be able to see each harddrive on each computer.

I have a Laptop with WinXP Home
a PC with WinXP Pro
a PC with WinMe

All 3 of this is my home network and have a WorkGroup Name "ABC"

Now, I have a laptop from work with WinXP Pro.

It is able to get on the Internet without any problem at all. The problem is, for some reason, it is able to see all the computer when click My Network, Entire Network, It show every computer that I have at home and have access to every harddrive.
I did not give access right to this laptop on any computers that I have at home. Why is it like this?

How to I protect my PC from someone in the house to get to my harddrive?


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  1. Just put the password on your laptop. For more informations see Sharing.htm. Good Luck!
  2. Putting a password on your computers should fix that. Having the same account on all of them will allow them all the comunicate with eachother and not allow another computer to communicate with them. You will always see the other machines in my network places but you shouldn't be able to access them from another machine w/o that account.
    Also check to make sure that the guest account is disabled.

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  3. Well, this is interesting. To make it easier I am going to name all of my computer A, B, C
    A. Windows XP Pro with raylee011 and password and a workgroup name ABC
    B. Windows XP Home With different accounts but no Password. and a workgroup name ABC
    C. WIndows ME with a account but no password. and a workgroup name ABC
    D. WindowsXP Pro on a computer Laptop with a domain name and no workgroup name.

    Here is the problem. When I go to B and C, and D, I am able to map the drive in A, and for whatever reason, I am do not need to enter password to access drive in computer A.

    Computer D, I need to enter my username and password to start WIndows.

    Where and which computer do I need to setup a password. I would like to have any computers that do not have the same group name to required to enter a username and password.


  4. A, B, and C should have identical accounts on them. In a workgroup setup there is no central domain controller for authentication. Because of that each computer on the network must have each users account on it for authentication. Make sure all guest accounts are disabled!
    Any computer that does not have any of those accounts on it should not be able to access those computers.

    What sort of shares have you made on your computers?
    You can get very detailed with your access restrictions on the XP computers if you disable simple file sharing. Then you can set the permissions so that only your accounts have access to those shares instead of just checking a box and not knowing what the permissions are.
    In XP Pro from any window go to tools, folder options, view, scroll all the way down, uncheck "use simple file sharing". I believe it is the same in XP Home only you must go into safe mode to do it, it has been a while since I last used Home. I have no idea about ME, it might have permission settings avaliable by default.

    Then when you go to your shares you will see there is a permissions button. You can then add and remove user accounts that you want to have access to that share.

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