Is the amd phenom ii x6 1090t a worthy upgrade to the core2 duo e6400

Hi guys,
I would like your expert views on a particular confusion I'm in. I'm presently having a core2 duo system running on an asus p5b deluxe board with 2 gb ram. I was wondering if an upgrade with an amd phenom ii x6 1090t would show a huge difference in performance. Or would I have to go the i7 1366 or Sandy bridge way. More than speed, I'm more concerned about the load distribution amoung cores and maximum usage of ram (8gb) rather than the overall speed of the processor. I do audio editing and music programming, which is always in real-time. Would the phenom ii or intel's sandy bridge be a better choice. And yes the price factor does count.
Also one other thing, -As the core2 duo is an x86 family processor, does it mean that you will not be able to run a 64-bit os on that machine. Plz help......
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  1. You can run 64bit OS on a core 2 duo, and any amd phenom processor. It may only be another 2 weeks before amd releases its 8 core cpu's, just something to think about. Im not sure with audio editing and music progamming weather more than 4 cores will be used efficiently by the software. But yes a phenom x4 or x6 would be significantly faster than a core 2 duo. A quad core i5 SB cpu would do the job great also.
  2. Before buying a 6 core CPU make sure that the programs you use can take advantage of 6 cores. If only up to 4 cores are supported, then there is no real need to buy a 6 core CPU.

    If they do not, then consider purchasing a Core i5-2500k which can basically crush the most powerful Phenom II X4 out there. It can also easily beat a Phenom II X6 in nearly all benchmarks except those that can take advantage of 6 cores, but it doesn't loose by too much.
  3. Also, if the programs you use can take advantage of Hyper Threading, then the Core i7-2600 or Core i7-2600k (overclock-able) would be better suited for your needs.
  4. I agree the 2600K is the best CPU for pretty much anything right now. If you have the budget, go for it.
  5. I say that you would be best off with the 2600k. You could wait for AMD bulldozer but even if it does come out next month (so much for this month) quantities will likely be too low to satisfy initial demand so it will be hard to get a hold of.
  6. One more vote for i5-2500k or i7-2600k
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