Need help upgrading my system.

Basically I have 315 € to spend on a mobo,CPU,RAM and a case. For a moment i had chosen my parts what contained AMD Phenom II x4 955BE, some gigabyte AM3+ mobo,4 gigs of RAM and a case but then i noticed that i still have 80 € so i thought maybe i should go for intel insted , but dont know which CPU and motherboard(no need for crossfire) to get. So maybe someone could recommend something?
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  1. a graphics card? a card such as the ATI 5770/6770 or the GTS450/GT440 would be a good investment, if you are interested in gaming/HD video streaming/multiple monitors.
  2. Using a ATI HD4850 from my old PC.
  3. An SSD? would be good for better boot times, and better loaing times, it would make you PC more responsive overall.
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