What psu should i get.

Hi there i recently put a machine together and altho its running fine i feel i need to upgrade the psu to a higher wattage for future proofing. My question is what psu should i get ? I was thinking about either the cp-850 or the cp-1000 what do you think of those units. My current specs are.

ocz modxtreme 600watt psu EDIT 500watt psu not 600
corsair h80
Asus sabertooth 990fx
amd 550 black cpu ( soon to be a bd fx cpu)
16gb corsair vengeance ram
ati 5770 single graphics card.
intel x-25m

I was thinking about adding a second 5770 to the mix for a year or so and then upgrading to i higher end setup.

i could also use help on that. Should i just add the second 5770 cf them and be done for a while or should i break down and buy a new card all together ?

If you have any other advice for this build let me know :)
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  1. 600W is going to be enough for 5770 Crossfire. I probably would go with a newer GPU instead of 5770 CF though, if you have the budget. The 600W PSU is going to suffice either way.
  2. o crap im sorry its a 500watt psu
  3. What brand is you PSU? Do you want overclock?
  4. A quality 500W unit should do fine too.
  5. saint19 said:
    What brand is you PSU? Do you want overclock?

    the PSU is OCZ ModXtream....
    @ OP, the Cooler Master GX series, OCZ StealthXtream, ModXtream have a creepy reviews when going Crossfire/SLI
    i would recommend the Antec EarthWatts 650 for your setup.

    and for the new GPU idea, hold on until you upgrade your CPU
  6. thanks ily would you go with the earthwatts over the cp-850 ?
  7. why would you go for a 850W or 1K PSU while a 600W PSu will run your current and future rig just fine....
    every brand (Corsair, Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Antec,....) have a small market segment PSUs and high efficiency ones....
    for eg. Coolermaster SilentPro series are ones of the best PSUs ever, Corsair have TX and HX series, Thermaltake best known for their Toughpower series, Antec has the TruePower and HCG series....

    i recommend you search google and read reviews from several sites about the PSU you'll get.
  8. rebelspy said:
    thanks ily would you go with the earthwatts over the cp-850 ?

    For the cp-850 it's a good PSU but it have some cons such as being huge, not full modular, recommend for special PC cases only......

    if you are going to Crossfire high end GPUs in the future such as HD 6970s so a 800W/750W PSU would be the best option and here are some

    Cooler Master Silent Pro 800W
    Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775W
    NZXT Hale90 750W
    Corsair HX 750W
    Antec TruePower New 750W
  9. you don't need to upgrade the PSU, if you plan to
    use the spec above in the future, OCZ modXstream pro 500W enough for BD + 5770,
    see the review of hardwaresecreet : http://hardwaresecrets.com/article/OCZ-ModXStream-Pro-500-W-Power-Supply-Review/973/10
    but if you do overclock and upgrade higher VGA spec,
    then you need a bigger PSU. Say minimum 550W-600W. It will safely.
    Get a PSU according your budget, Also you can see the review of a PSU brand from reviewers like jonnyguru / hardwaresecreet / kitguru / Hardocp. after seeing the reviews you can get a price + performance.
    for example: you've been offered a PSU with large wattage and reasonable price and high performance also long warranty, would you ignore it?? That's just my suggestion.
  10. thanks for the help guys. after reading a few reviews i will probably go with the cp-850 im using the df-85 case and it appears they will fit into my case and there price point is very good.
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