Need help with high performance fans and fan controllers!


I'm thinking of buying 5 high performance Scythe 120mm 3000rpm case fans.

Can somebody recommend me a good fan controller that I can put in my case to regulate the fan speeds for all of them?

Also, do you think my set up can handle those 5 fans?

-Corsair 750W psu
-MSI P67A-G43 motherboard
-i3 2100
-2x2gb ddr3 ram
-HIS ati radeon hd 6870
-320gb hard drive

Do you think I have enough power for 5 of these fans?

In conclusion, what is a good quality fan controller for 5 of these high performance fans? Also, do I have enough power to run these 5 fans?

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  1. You definatley have enough power. how do I know this? I have an antec DF85 with 8 case fans, a 6990, a 1TB HDD, and a coolermaster V8 all running off of a 750W. you probably only need 500 for your build. as for a fan controller, I reccomend the NZXT sentry 2.
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