Zalman 9900 Max CPU Cooler noise

So I have the above stated CPU cooler on a AsRock Extreme 4 Gen3 board with an i5-2500k overclocked to 4.4ghz. The cooler runs great, it keeps my cpu under 64C after a couple hours in prime95 small ftts.

I have a small problem with it though, IT FREAKING VIBRATES LIKE CRAZY.. Recently the cpu itself started vibrating inside my 600t se. It vibrated to the point that I could hear it ticking and it is VERY very annoying. I noticed that it seems to happen more and more as the fan speeds up when I am gaming. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, tightening the screws more or whatever, a couple of times, but the same problem persists. I know its the cooler too because i can just open my case and put my finger on the fins and the rattling/noise stops.

Anyone experienced this with this cooler and what can I possibly do to calm it down. I really don't want to spend another $60 to get another cooler and I can't return it cause I already sent the UPC code for a rebate >.<
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  1. If you can unplug the fan cooler and add a different one for test, let me know the results.
  2. Unfortunately you can't with this CPU cooler. You are stuck with the same fan they give ya cause of the design of the fan.
  3. Yeah, but you need plug the fan in somewhere for make it to run right?
  4. yeah.. so you are saying to unplug the fan and leave it on the cooler not running...? You can't add another fan to the cooler cause there is no where to mount one to.

    I may just not be understanding what you think I should test out. >.<
  5. Yeah, unplug the stock fan and connect another fan an put it on in front of the cooler
  6. Yeah that's not going to work. I am not sure if you know what this CPU cooler looks like.. (

    You can't add another fan to it unless you somehow use little ties to tie it to the cooler all weird.. even then I don't think that would solve anything cause it wouldnt be on securely and would kill the point of the cooler anywyas.
  7. You have to hold the fan while do the test, the idea is know if the noise comes from the fan or not.
  8. saint19 said:
    You have to hold the fan while do the test, the idea is know if the noise comes from the fan or not.

    I get what you are saying, and ill give it a shot, but just thinking about it, the problem is that the cooler is vibrating. Considering that the fan is the only moving part of the whole thing, I'm sure that its causing the vibrating. The problem is that the while cooler vibrates so much that it makes a very rapid ticking noise. Now I guess im wondering if the fan is not balanced right or something that is causing the excessive vibrations, though there is no way to know unless I get a new one
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